Tracking Irma-Monday morning update

Tropical storm Irma with radar northwest of Tampa, Florida Monday morning.

Irma continues to weaken, although it is still a formidable storm with winds of up to 70-mph it is about 105 miles northwest of Tampa, Florida. The other dangerous part of this storm is the surge. The storm surge in Tampa is expected to be 2 to 4 feet while the highest surges are near the South Santee River to Fernandina Beach at 4 to 6 ft and at  Clearwater Beach to Ochlockonee River at 4ft to 6 ft.

The NHC track does have the remanent moisture following a track to the west of our area near southern Illinois. This moisture would then join a weather system moving west to east across our area by Wednesday. Right now, there is a minimal amount of moisture associated with this system for our area, (Under a tenth of an inch).

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