Tracking Irma-Friday Morning Update

Visible satellite imagery from Goes 16 of Irma.

Irma continues to move closer to the coast of Florida as it will make a right turn and is on a collision course toward Miami. Sustained winds are just over 155 mph, which still makes it a category 4 hurricane. On the Saffir-Simpson scale a level 4 hurricane is considered ‘devastating’. The path puts Irma into Miami by the end of the weekend and then the updated course takes it across the west coast of Florida. However, the hurricane is so large that the outer bands will also have a destructive effect on the east coast of Florida.

The path takes the tropical moisture north through Georgia and towards Tennessean by next week.

So far the death toll from this storm is in the teens. Here is the latest track.

Here is the latest track from the NHC of Irma as it heads toward Miami by this weekend.

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