Tracking Irma – Thursday night update

Currently affecting the Turks and Caicos region, with the Bahamas in sight, Irma is continuing to head west/northwestward.  It’s a Category 5 storm with sustained winds of 175 mph and gusts up to 215 mph.  Irma’s strength may fluctuate slightly over the next 2 days, but it is expected to remain at either Category 4 or 5 status during this time.

Hurricane force winds (74+ mph) extend 70 mph outward from the center of the storm.

Storm surge, rough surf, flooding (10+ inches of rain in some affected areas), and damaging winds are the primary threats for areas within the storm’s immediate path.

The center of Irma is forecast to be in Miami’s vicinity by Sunday afternoon.  The storm is forecast to be a Category 4 at that point, continuing to maintain characteristics (flooding, high winds) that will pose major threats to life and property through the affected areas.

With the storm forecast to head inland this weekend, current forecast data suggests some of Irma’s rain could come in our direction by the middle of next week.  These far weaker remnants of Irma could be in our part of the Midwest by next Wednesday – in the form of periodic rainfall during the day.  

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