Peak of Perseid Meteor Shower this weekend

The Perseid Meteor Shower is an annual event which often provides the opportunity for some great skywatching.  However, this year, the bright moonlight we’re currently experiencing could prevent some of the meteors from being seen.

The best time to typically see meteors is right before dawn, but you can try anytime.  You may actually find some success at spotting a few meteors at night, before the moon rises.

In order to see this meteor shower, your best bet is to get away from city lights late at night. Look up into the sky and be patient.  You do not have to look in any specific direction.  When the meteors appear, they will catch your eye.  Be patient and give your eyes about a 1/2 hour to adjust to the darkness.  While the peak comes tonight and tomorrow (Saturday night), meteors from this shower are usually spotted a few nights before and a few nights after the peak.

The Perseids happen as a result of the Earth passing through the debris of the comet Swift-Tuttle.  When the debris hits the planet’s atmosphere at a speed of 100,000+mph, the debris disintegrates and the bright flashes of light appear.

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