The ‘World’ of weather extremes

Forecast high temperatures for Wednesday August 8.

As a long-time student of weather and climate, I can tell you one thing is always certain and trust me there are not many certainties in meteorology. This rule has to do with extremes. When one place has an extreme on one side of the spectrum there is most certainly another place with the opposite extreme on the other side of the continent or the world.

In this case, take a lot at the west coast of the United States. Portland, OR has another day of near record setting temperatures near 100 degrees, while we have been enjoying the relatively mild weather and below average temperatures here, much of the west coast was baking with high humidity and temperatures.

Meanwhile, the other side of the world is also baking with temperatures of 37 degrees Celsius in Venice, Italy, which is close to 100 Fahrenheit.


Europe Forecast high temperatures for August 8. (UK Met Office)

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