Evening intern Erika says goodbye

WANE Weather Intern Erika Goshorn.

As summer comes to a close, so does our time with one of our weather interns, Erika Goshorn. Here are a couple words she wanted to leave with you all in her last blog post!

“You all may have seen my name appear at the bottom of some of the blog posts over the past three months as I have had the privilege of interning here at WANE this summer.  I’ve enjoyed getting to tell you all about some of the cool science findings or just getting to explain what is going on in our atmosphere.  I love weather and love getting the chance to share my passion for it with you all.  It has been fun being able to intern here at WANE-TV in the weather department, as well as interacting with the evening news team during the week.  Everyone was so great to work with!  I have come away with more knowledge about the industry as well as how to best communicate weather on air as well as online.  This department has some great meteorologists to learn from and I have enjoyed getting to see the different ways to present the weather story.  There were many various activities to keep me busy here from helping to program weather radios to seeing what the reporting side of the business is like doing live shots at the fair.  But I was also busy in the studio creating and updating weather graphics, working on my forecasting, and getting some valuable time practicing on the green screen.  I would say this has been a summer full of fun and learning.  I cannot wait to take everything I have learned back to Valparaiso University this fall.  This was a great experience, and I am looking forward to see where the weather takes me after graduation.  Thank you for letting me share a little bit of my passion for weather with you all this summer, and thank you to everyone here at WANE who made it an experience I will never forget!”

–WANE Weather Intern Erika Goshorn

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