Our August 4 – one of the coldest in Fort Wayne history

So, did you pull out a jacket or sweater when out and about today?  Even though, we’re still in the throes of summer, it did not feel like it here as we wrapped up the work week.

Temperatures were stuck in the 60s today, far from our average high in the low-mid 80s for this time of the year.

Yet, even though it was so cool, when this date goes down on the record books, no record will be set.  You see, our high temp was 69° at 1:49 am and the lowest high temp ever recorded on an August 4 is 66°.  However, if you were outside during the afternoon and evening, temps were in the 60°-65° range.  Some spots had already dropped into the 50s by dinnertime.

High temps not reaching 70° in August are a rarity in our area.  Our meteorological colleagues at the National Weather Service Northern Indiana office, tell us that, not including today, August high temps over the past 100 years have only failed to reach the 70° mark 79 times.  That’s an incredibly low number when you consider we’re taking into account more than 3,000 August days.

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