1998 Tornado outbreak remembered

4/16/1998 Tornado outbreak. Devastation in Tuscaloosa, AL (NWS) (NOOA)

19-years ago (April 16, 1998) a devastating tornado moved across a 3 state area in the south. Causing millions in destruction and lasting for many hours. The intensity of these tornadoes ranked EF-3 to EF-4 on the Fujita Scale, that’s winds of 136 to 200 mph. Here’s what the local NWS said after a 2013 reassessment of the devastation:

A historic tornado outbreak of at least 13 tornadoes struck Middle Tennessee on April 16, 1998. Many of these tornadoes were strong or violent and tracked long distances, killing 4 people and injuring nearly 100 people, while causing hundreds of millions of dollars in damage. The most infamous tornado during the outbreak struck downtown Nashville, blowing out numerous windows in skyscrapers and causing the collapse of some older buildings. Other notable tornadoes included three violent tornadoes in southern Middle Tennessee that reached F4 to F5 intensity and an F3 tornado in Pickett County that damaged or destroyed hundreds of homes and businesses. Wilson County was struck by 4 different tornadoes during the event.

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