Tri-State Tornado

In 1925 on this date (March 18), the Tri-State Tornado hit. It was the single deadliest tornado in U.S. history and aptly named since this one tornado impacted Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana.  At least 695 fatalities are directly attributed to this one tornado.  This one tornado took a track of 235 miles which is the longest track ever recorded in the world.  That brought it through southeastern Missouri, southern Illinois, and southwestern Indiana.  Since this tornado struck in 1925, the F-Scaled was not around yet.  However, many experts, including the inventor of the F-Scale, suggest it would have been an F-5, now an EF-5.  That is the strongest category for tornado damage. In 1997 it was estimated this one tornado did more than $1.4 billion in damage (in 1997 dollars).  That is more than $2.1 billion dollars in 2017, adjusting for inflation.

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