Update to the snow forecast

As the latest forecast models come in, it looks like there’s a little less moisture in this system.

These numbers are on the higher end of what models suggest.  We’re going with the upper end because there has been so much moisture in this system in previous models, so it doesn’t make sense to radically change a forecast based on one run of the models.

We are also still under a Winter Weather Advisory from early Monday to early Tuesday.  The National Weather Service clearly also sees that there is a good amount of moisture in this system. It will also be an all-day event.

As early as the morning commute, some of you will see snowflakes.  Since temperatures have been so low lately, this snow will start to stick pretty quickly.  That means there could already be a few slick spots for your morning commute.

By late morning/early afternoon, the snow will start to get heavier.  This is when it will really start to accumulate.

This moderate to heavy snow will continue all evening.  The evening commute could be treacherous from snow starting to pile up and the snow/water on roads freezing to ice.  Please be careful as you head home Monday night.

By midnight the snow becomes more scattered.  A few snow showers will linger into Tuesday, but the heaviest snow will end late Monday.

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