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Why today’s temperatures under-achieved

Today, we forecast a high of 85 degrees; the high for today got up to 82 degrees. When we miss a forecast like this, we like to look at what happened that changed the weather from what we were forecasting. This helps us learn!  Today’s research into why temperatures stayed cooler than forecast was pretty interesting, so I thought I would share. Credit: College of DuPage The image above is a surface map from yesterday (July 4) at 3 pm.  The image below is a surface map from a couple hours ago (issued at 4:17 PM). If…

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Nearby earthquake today

Today’s earthquake, centered roughly 85 miles north of Fort Wayne in southern Michigan, was felt by some residents in places near the state line, like Angola, Howe and Fremont. There was also a report of the earthquake in Montpelier, OH.