August outlook

August might be a little different than previous years, but this has been a different summer. The 30 day outlook has us just on the edge of below average temperatures. It also has our area seeing near average precipitation. This is an early outlook, and we will of course have a better idea in the days to come. Looking at the 16-day Global Forecast Model data, I’m seeing a hot start to August this weekend, but there is a trend showing up of much cooler temperatures by late next week and through next weekend.

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Thursday’s “Lunch on the Plaza” forecast

With the great weather this week, I bet many of you have been taking your lunch breaks outdoors. And, if you”ll be in or nearby downtown Fort Wayne at lunchtime on Thursday, you’ll want to take advantage of this week’s “Lunch on the Plaza” event. The weather’s going to be absolutely picture perfect. More info on the WANE-TV “Pack the RV” event for Tools for School is included in this post.