NASA animation

NASA probes lifecycle of plankton NASA is on a mission to probe the lifecycle of plankton, especially the effects on clouds and climate. 1: Plankton are the tiniest of sea creatures, but when they multiply in what’s called a ‘bloom’ they can be seen from space. 2: Using satellites, planes and ships NASA’s 5-year mission will explore the complete life cycle of plankton. 3: Of special interest is how plankton help produce minute particles in the air that initiate cloud formation. The indirect affects of tiny particles on clouds are the single largest uncertainty in current estimates of climate change models.

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Friday Nites Live forecast

Performing this week at Jefferson Pointe’s Friday Nites Live concert is local band Sierra Shame, known for its classic rock and new country performances. They’ll take to the stage at the Courtyard Fountain at 6:30 PM.