Why the longest day of the year happens in June but it’s hottest in August

I was recently asked why the longest day of the year happens in June (earlier this week), but the hottest month of the year is August.  Shouldn’t all the extra sunlight in June make June the hottest month? The longest day is caused by the summer solstice (happened this year at 12:24 AM June 21). It marks the first day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere and the sun being at its most northerly point in the sky.  That means the Earth’s North Pole is pointed directly at the sun based on the tilt of the Earth and how we…

Friday Nites Live: Todd Harrold & Nick Bobay

While rain is in Friday’s forecast, the positive news for the Friday Nites Live concert this week is that all of the day’s rainfall is expected to have moved out of the area by the time the concert begins at 6:30 pm.

Total solar eclipse stamp to be released Tuesday

WANE Weather Fans, Tuesday is the big day! We told you back in April that the United States Postal Service was set to release a unique stamp commemorating the Total Solar Eclipse of the Sun set to take place on August 21st.