Anchorage just officially beat the lowest seasonal snowfall record. Credit: NWS Anchorage, NOAA.

New records for heat and lack of snow in Alaska

Think back to this past winter – it was another cold one (3rd coldest February ever) and had some decent snow storms. Since then, we’ve seen some swings, but continue to run somewhat below average in the temperature department. Meanwhile, places in the western U.S. and Alaska have seen record-breaking warmth. In fact, the National Weather Service in Anchorage, AK just announced that the city of Anchorage beat the lowest snowfall for a season on record with only 25.1″ of snow! To put that in perspective, Fort Wayne picked up 45.1″ of snow this season – a full 20″ more…

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Nearby earthquake today

Today’s earthquake, centered roughly 85 miles north of Fort Wayne in southern Michigan, was felt by some residents in places near the state line, like Angola, Howe and Fremont. There was also a report of the earthquake in Montpelier, OH.