February’s final stats

The big story of the second month of 2017 was all the warmth that was experienced.  It ended up being 11.2° above average for the month as a whole and was the warmest February in Fort Wayne’s recorded history.  Our highest temperature was 71° (Feb. 24th) and our lowest temperature was 11° (Feb. 9). As far as total precipitation, we only experienced it on 8 days of the month.  Yet, we didn’t end up all that far from average – down only .28″.  When it comes to looking at snow, specifically, it’s a much different story.  By the end of…

Severe weather terminology

With our first chances of severe weather occurring at the end of last week, and another chance headed our way this week (late Tue/early Wed), I wanted to post this graphic from the Storm Prediction Center. It provides a great breakdown of the terminology you hear us talk about regarding our severe weather risk level.

Severe storm threat out of the picture

As Nicholas and Rob mentioned in their Facebook LIVE video earlier tonight, our severe storm threat would be diminishing, while scattered (non-severe) rain and thunderstorms would remain through the evening. Soon after their video concluded, the Severe Thunderstorm Watch in effect for the region was canceled.

Thursday night update on Friday’s severe storm potential

Our forecast scenario for Friday has not changed much from earlier updates. The entire area remains under an enhanced risk for severe storms on Friday, primarily from late afternoon through late night. Gusty, damaging winds continue to be the primary severe storm threat.