Sights in the sky

There are a couple of interesting celestial events set to take place in the sky on Friday night.  However, for the average skywatcher, they won’t be making huge headlines and here’s why. While a penumbral lunar eclipse is set to take place Friday night, reaching its peak around 7:45 pm, these types of eclipses aren’t as impressive to look at as total lunar eclipses or partial eclipses.  With a penumbral eclipse, the moon will continue to appear full while only taking on a slightly darker shading.  Our friends at EarthSky have a detailed explanation here.  And the darker shading may…

Winter flu update

While it seems many people I’ve crossed paths with in recent weeks have been sniffling, sneezing or coughing – and, seemingly, blaming it on the weather – the reality is things haven’t been so bad around the state of Indiana in recent weeks, as far as the flu goes.

Warmer winters

Coming off of Fort Wayne’s 9th warmest January on record, you might not be too surprised to learn that Fort Wayne’s winter seasons over the past 45 years have been trending warmer and warmer, although there have been some quite cold years in the mix, too. On the whole, though, the average temperature for the months of Dec., Jan., and Feb. combined has risen 2.7°.

National drought update

In the latest U.S. Drought Monitor just released, there is not a single part of the country recognized as being in the category of “Exceptional Drought”…that’s the driest you can get. This is a neat, and quite significant, fact. You see, it’s been nearly six years, since March 2011, since we were last able to make that claim.