Soggy Saturday – evening update

Torrential rain moved through our area this morning and into early this afternoon, especially from Fort Wayne southward. Rainfall rates of 1-2″/hour caused some flash flooding, especially as fallen leaves clogged storm drains. As of 5pm Saturday, Fort Wayne had picked up just shy of 3″ of rainfall since midnight. That shattered the old daily rainfall record by almost 1″! Combine that with the 0.29″ that fell before midnight and that brings our total up to almost 3.2″. Locally higher reports did come in, with 4.6″ reported in Ossian, and several viewers from Paulding Road sending in pictures of about…

Saturday rain update

The first round of rain from an incoming weather system is on track for its late night Friday arrival between 10 pm and midnight. Once the rain gets going, it will continue with few interruptions through the day on Saturday.  You can expect periods of heavy rain from morning into the afternoon.

Friday night football forecast 11/17

This week’s football games will feel much different than last week’s.  If you were outside for those games, you know it was a COLD 4 quarters.  Temperatures were in the mid-20s with wind chills in the teens!

Leonid Meteor Shower 2017

The annual Leonid Meteor Shower will peak this year during the mornings of November 17 and 18 (Friday and Saturday). Cloud cover may disrupt peak viewing from midnight to dawn on both days and Saturday also carries the chance of rain.