Average may be a good thing

This week will be a very cold week with temperatures almost ten degrees below average through Thursday. However, a new 8 to 14-day outlook may shed some hope of seeing slightly warmer temperatures through the middle of the month. The latest outlook from the Weather Prediction Center has temperatures around average for this time of year which is in the lower 30s and precipitation should be around average as well. Precipitation should be around normal or average through the middle of the month according to a new outlook just released by the Weather Prediction Center

Tuesday’s snow enhanced by local industrial activity

Westerly winds Tuesday helped generate lake effect snow showers which, in and of themselves, isn’t really a big deal.  This happens frequently during any given winter season across northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio. However, in this instance, conditions were just right in the atmosphere where the moisture being emitted from area factories/industrial sites cooled and condensed into clouds and snow crystals. 

Spacewalk postponed

You may remember in a previous blog post about the International Space Station, I passed along the info that there was going to be another spacewalk taking place today. However, word came from NASA on Sunday that the spacewalk had been postponed.