NASA’s GOLD Mission to Explore Earth’s Ionosphere Set for Launch Jan. 25

Like Earth, space has weather. Except instead of swirling winds and downpours of precipitation, space weather is defined by shifting electric and magnetic fields and rains of charged particles. At the very beginning of space, starting just 60 miles above Earth’s surface, there’s a layer of the atmosphere that shifts and changes in concert with both types of weather. Above the ozone layer, the ionosphere is a part of Earth’s atmosphere where particles have been cooked into a sea of electrically-charged electrons and ions by the Sun’s radiation. The ionosphere is comingled with the very highest — and quite thin…

ISS spacewalk a success

The day’s spacewalk was the 206th to take care of assembly and maintenance issues and NASA reports that 53 days, 13 hours and 49 minutes have been spent outside of the space station by space-walkers over the years.

2018 Skywarn Spotter Training registration now open

There’s great news for all of you WANE Weather Watchers who frequently ask the Live Doppler 15 Fury Storm Team meteorologists about how to become a trained storm spotter.  The 2018 Skywarn Training schedule has been announced.   .