November temperature summary

With less than a week left in November, we can make pretty accurate forecasts through the end of the month.  So far, thanks to some oddly warm days this month, we are more than 4 degrees above average for the month so far. Since all the remaining days this month are forecast warmer than average, November temperatures will come out above average.  If the mean temperature for the month increases 2.5 more degrees, this will be tied as the warmest November in recorded history!


Galloping Gobbler forecast

For all the runners out there, there’s no better way to begin Thanksgiving than by burning off some calories during a 4 mile run! The annual “Galloping Gobbler” is set for Thanksgiving morning at 8:30 and the weather will cooperate for a late November day.

Credit: National Weather Service

2017 storm spotter training sessions

The National Weather Service Northern Indiana Office has announced the 2017 SKYWARN Spotter Training information. Twenty-one different training sessions will be held region-wide. All sessions are free and you can attend whichever session works best for you.

File Photo:  A woman walks towards the Steamship Ferry Terminal in Woods Hole, Mass., as a snowstorm continues, Saturday, Jan. 23, 2016. A massive winter storm buried much of the U.S. East Coast in a foot or more of snow by Saturday, shutting down transit in major cities, stranding drivers on snowbound highways, knocking out power to tens of thousands of people. (Jonathan Wiggs/The Boston Globe via AP)

Outdoor safety during winter

Indiana’s Winter Weather Preparedness Week wraps up as we get ready to experience our first extended cold blast of air this fall season. The final set of tips coming from the National Weather Service in tonight’s post relates to staying safe when spending extended amounts of time outdoors and also safety tips for preparing your vehicle for winter travel, whether near or far.


Preparing for winter’s cold weather

It’s happened by chance, but it seems quite appropriate. When the National Weather Service laid out its topics for Winter Weather Preparedness Week, it chose today to focus on information related to humans being exposed to winter’s cold air and the effects of the wind chill factor. As we sit here on Thursday night, we’re just a little more than 24 hours from cold air rushing back in and staying awhile.

File: An East Allen County School  bus gets help moving after getting stuck in the snow on a January 2015 morning.

Winter weather preparedness at schools

Today’s Winter Weather Preparedness Week post is focused on how schools prepare for big weather events.

The National Weather Service (NWS) poses this question, “Is your child’s school weather-ready?”