Probability of a white Christmas in Fort Wayne

If you’re in or around Fort Wayne, dreaming of a white Christmas is a common thing.  And, many years, a white Christmas here in the area is, truly, just a dream.  Check out the official stats in the graphic above. The research from our friends at Climate Central reveals that a white Christmas in Fort Wayne is a rare event.  We only have a 36% probability of experiencing one in any given year.  If you didn’t know, a white Christmas is defined as having 1″ or more of snow (not just a dusting) on the ground on Dec. 25. The…

Friday night winter weather update

The timeline for our next dose of winter is a long one with precipitation starting tonight as snow. As temps rise, sleet, freezing rain and rain will all come into play. Then, by Saturday night, temps fall and our precipitation changes back over to snow. Click for the latest details.