Saturday rain adds to already “above average” rain

The storms that came early Saturday morning brought several inches of rain to already saturated locations.  Willshire in Van Wert County officially saw 3″ of rain, topping our list, and Fort Wayne saw just shy of 1″. That added to an already above-average month in terms of rainfall.  The dry days outnumber the wet ones on our July calendar, but when it has rained this month, it has poured. We’re still more than 1 foot above average for water this year, and we’ll keep an eye on how this number continues to grow.

Friday Nites Live 7/21

This week’s Friday Nites Live forecast is filled with high heat and humidity.  Temperatures will be near 90° when the concert starts, but it will feel closer to 100° due to our high humidity levels.  So, don’t only bring your lawn chair this week, bring an icy, cold bottle of water, too.  And, if you forget, food and drinks are always available at the event.

Heat and humidity are on the rise

When air temperatures start getting into the 90s combined with a high relative humidity, the air begins to feel much hotter and heavier. Over the next couple of days, temperatures are going to feel like they are in the triple digits, which means heat exhaustion and heat stroke become much more prevalent issues.

TRF Fireworks Finale forecast

After a week of fun events spread across the city, the annual Three Rivers Festival concludes with its annual Saturday night fireworks finale. While the past week has seen periodic rain and storm chances, there are NO storms expected Saturday night.

Friday Nites Live 7/14

As we sit here now in mid-July, the annual Friday Nites Live concert series at Jefferson Pointe is halfway complete!  Can you believe it? While rain has threatened many of this year’s evening concerts, that won’t be the case this week.

Update on Wed night/Thursday severe storm potential

With warm, humid air all around us contributing to atmospheric instability, plus a front positioned nearby and sinking south through the area between now and Thursday night, periods of rain and thunderstorms are possible.  These storms could very well squeeze out another 1″-3″ of rainfall in some spots as they move through.  Everyone should be on alert for potential flooding and torrential downpours with these storms.