Tracking Irma – Saturday night update

Irma has prompted alerts for the entire state of Florida plus parts of Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina. As it struck Cuba, it’s overall movement slowed a bit (out of the teens, now moving only 7 mph). Tonight it is expected to begin it’s turn to the north and to strengthen again as it moves over more warm ocean water. As it moves out of the Florida peninsula into the continental United States, it will likely weaken faster since the land cuts off the energy source (warm ocean water). Effects felt here in northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio will be…

Tracking Irma – Thursday night update

Currently affecting the Turks and Caicos region, with the Bahamas in sight, Irma is continuing to head west/northwestward.  It’s a Category 5 storm with sustained winds of 175 mph and gusts up to 215 mph.

Tracking Irma, José, and Katia – Wednesday night update

As of tonight (9/6), there are 3 active hurricanes in the Atlantic basin.  Here’s the latest, in brief, regarding the storms based on the 8 pm updates from the National Hurricane Center.

Heat, humidity increase on Labor Day

It’s been almost two weeks since the mercury last hit 80° or higher in Fort Wayne, but that’s changing on Labor Day.  A surge of warmth and humidity comes in from the southwest and some early day sunshine all will work together to push our afternoon temperatures into the mid-upper 80s by late in the afternoon.

Tracking Harvey – Thursday night update

Even though Harvey is weakening, the storm continues to pose a significant flood threat.  Areas impacted include portions of west & central Tennessee, west & central Kentucky and southeastern Indiana, southern Ohio and west central West Virginia.  2”-5” of rain is expected in these areas with some isolated heavier pockets in the 6”-8” range.