Lake Michigan ice levels low

The warm weather has done a number on the Great Lakes ice content. The lakes had a chance to thaw with record setting warmth which included last weekend. Here’s what current ice levels look like. Great Lakes ice cover is a rather low 6.2%.  Ice cover on the individual Great Lakes:  Lake Superior 1.2% (Superior is a deep lake – the average depth of Lake Superior (483 ft.) is 7.8 times greater than the average depth of Lake Erie (62 ft.), Lake Huron 10.1%, Lake Erie 2.8% and Lake Ontario 0.1%. Lake Michigan has a 10.2% ice cover, most all…

Detailed path maps of 2017 total solar eclipse

We’re now down to 206 days until 2017’s total solar eclipse. Take a look at these maps from NASA that allow you to see, at fine detail, the exact overhead track of the eclipse and where viewing will be best.

First images released from GOES-16 satellite

The Advanced Baseline Imager, one of the satellite’s key components, was built in Fort Wayne by the Harris Corporation. This piece of equipment is what captures the “full-disc” view of the Earth and sends back images with far greater detail than earlier satellites. Without it, we wouldn’t be seeing the much improved views this satellite is able to generate.