Friday marks the warmest day of year so far

Thanks to added sunshine, our high temperature got an extra boost on Friday!  We ended up reaching a high of 76° in the afternoon. While we won’t repeat that same level of warmth this weekend, high temperatures will be above average – in the 60s.  A number of rain chances will be tracking our way, too.  For the latest updates, check out the latest forecast here.

Floating sea ice at both poles sets records

Today, our friends at NASA sent the latest stats on how winter affected sea ice at the North Pole and how the corresponding summer in the southern hemisphere impacted ice at the other end of the planet.

February 2017 ranks as Earth’s 2nd warmest

While February 2017 was Fort Wayne’s warmest on record, the unusual warmth wasn’t just contained to our region. When taking into account temperatures around the globe, it turned out to be the second warmest February, on record, for the planet.