Saturday’s Swiss Days forecast looks great

It’s hard to stay neutral (like Switzerland) and not be biased with this weekend’s forecast.  But, we just have to take sides on this one…the weekend weather looks GREAT! As Swiss Days continues on Saturday, you can expect temperatures in the upper 60s at 10 am when the Baby Crawl Contest gets started at the Muensterberg Clock Tower.  Then, by parade time at 3, we’ll be in the upper 70s with comfortable humidity and some scattered clouds.  By 7, when Sam & the Wildcats take to the music stage, temps will be in the mid-70s. No rain is expected for…

Scattered rain could disrupt some Allen County Fair events

With an approaching cold front, scattered rain and t-storms are possible throughout Thursday.  There will be dry times, for sure, but, when storms are around, they could be heavy rain producers.  As a result, fair-goers should stay on alert for potential storms.

Peak timing for damaging winds in the US

We are in the middle of summer, which means we are in the midst of when the most damaging wind reports come in for the United States. According to data collected by NOAA, the United States sees nearly 3,000 wind damage reports on average during the months of June and July, with a about 1,500 reports in May and August.

Friday Nites Live 7/21

This week’s Friday Nites Live forecast is filled with high heat and humidity.  Temperatures will be near 90° when the concert starts, but it will feel closer to 100° due to our high humidity levels.  So, don’t only bring your lawn chair this week, bring an icy, cold bottle of water, too.  And, if you forget, food and drinks are always available at the event.

Heat and humidity are on the rise

When air temperatures start getting into the 90s combined with a high relative humidity, the air begins to feel much hotter and heavier. Over the next couple of days, temperatures are going to feel like they are in the triple digits, which means heat exhaustion and heat stroke become much more prevalent issues.