Memorial Day outlook

Over the past few years, temperatures have generally been in the 80s – or even 90s – on Memorial Day. The year 2012, in fact, saw our warmest Memorial Day on record in Fort Wayne. The following year saw one of the coolest. Memorial Day this year won’t go down in the record books for temperature or precipitation. Highs will be running a few degrees above average, but are not on track to break any records. It will also be a dry day thanks to high pressure anchored over the Midwest. All good news for outdoor activities on Monday -…

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More sunshine means increased risks

Who doesn’t love a nice sunny afternoon. Most of us have been waiting all year for some nice days to get outside so we can enjoy outdoor activities and not worry about a coat. The good news is those days are here. The not so good news is that being out in the sun increases your risk to get sun burned and ultimately increases your chances of getting skin cancer.