Summer time flow system in place this week

Usually, we don’t talk about a strong flow of winds from the southwest during this time of year. At least for an extended time period. There are two things I wanted to point out on the weather map which is helping with this October sustained warm up. The first is high pressure. High pressure is known for subsiding the air in the atmosphere. In other words, it pushes the air downward. Why is this important? Well, when the opposite is true, for instance, low pressure, we see air moving upward and the atmospheres capability to make clouds. This strong high…

Wednesday rain update

The overall timing of Wednesday’s rain remains pretty much the same as we’ve been pinpointing over recent days.  The majority of the incoming rain will fall overnight Tuesday/early morning Wednesday, tapering off after noon on Wednesday.

Tracking Nate – Monday night update

The remnants of Nate moved through the Northeast today and now are exiting the country.  Still producing some pockets of heavy rain, Nate’s leftovers are moving into Canada and the storm is no longer the major wind or flood threat it once was as a tropical storm or hurricane.