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Road project takes turn in Decatur

The project began in December of 2016 with the goal of raising the road high enough to keep it from being flooded by the St. Mary’s River.

Woman, 83, killed in crash near downtown

A car was heading west on Pontiac Street and a truck was going north on Lafayette Street when the driver of the white car suffered a medical condition and ran the red light.

Teen shot walking in Fort Wayne park

Fort Wayne police were called to Parkview Hospital after a 17-year-old showed up with wounds to his arm early Wednesday morning.

Amtrak to install system that might have prevented crash

The train safety technology uses GPS, wireless radio and computers to monitor train position. It can automatically brake to prevent derailments due to excessive speed, collisions with other trains, trains entering track where maintenance is being done or going the wrong way because of a switching mistake.

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