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Beekeepers share how to save honeybees from extinction

It’s that time of year again when you’ll start to see more and more bees buzzing around. But, what do you do about them? Megan Ryan and Alex Cornwell from Southwest Honey Company joined First News Saturday with some advice.

Global Leadership Summit comes to Fort Wayne

It’s a leadership conference that impacts hundreds of thousands of leaders in more than 800 cities spread out through 120 countries. And, it’s happening right here in Fort Wayne.

My Hometown: The man with the boat

There are a lot of groups and individuals involved in all of the development on the river. Sara Schaefer introduces you to a man who started one of those groups.

Parkview adds robotic therapy to help patients walk

Physical therapists use gait training to improve a person’s ability to walk. Using G-EO, therapy sessions may be customized to meet the individual needs of the patient and each session will allow for more exercise repetitions to be completed in a shorter amount of time.

My Hometown: Creative Women of the World

10 years after her first trip to Haiti, Lorelei VerLee’s life will never be the same. About five years ago she started Creative Women of the World. It’s a nonprofit locally based store, dedicated to giving business training and offering distribution to artisans trained here and around the world.

Cherry Blossom Festival celebrates 11th year

For 5 hours the downtown Allen County Public Library will be alive with Japanese arts, crafts and culture, from popular Goldfish Catch and Chopstick Challenge games for kids to Karaoke for older folks. Activities will take place on the Plaza, in the Great Hall, in the downstairs auditorium, the Gallery, and in Children’s Services.