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Famous Garrett bait company recognized by state

Creek Chub Bait Company sat in the heart of Garrett for more than 60 years. The innovative lures live on with collectors, and in Garrett the memory of the groundbreaking business is not forgotten.

Hundreds of greyhounds heading to N. Indiana need foster homes

They’ve spent their whole life racing. Now they’re looking for a comfy couch to retire on. Hundreds of greyhounds will make their way to Northern Indiana. A local rescue agreed to take them in once an Alabama racing track closes.

Backpack used to help man reach his dream will be replicated for others

Kevan Chandler has spinal muscular atrophy and gets around in a wheelchair, but to help pursue his dream of going to Europe he and his friends made a backpack for him. Last summer he went on that adventure, which he called his dream. Now he’s making backpacks for others with similar dreams.

Opiate crisis impacting Fort Wayne workforce

Allen County has taken several steps to address the opiate crisis sweeping the nation. The Health Department opened a needle exchange program to help prevent the spread of diseases contracted by sharing needles like HIV and hepatitis C. Police and firefighters have also started carrying Narcan, the opiate reversal drug.

Crews clearing logjams after wettest year to date

Logjams happen when debris, often times whole trees, float down the river then get stuck underneath the bridges collecting more logs, trees and debris as the current passes by. More rain means more debris so some of the logjams have been larger this year.