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Omnibus lecturer visits with local teens

Wes Moore’s lecture Wednesday night was called “From Troubled Teen to Rhodes Scholar: The Transformative Power of Education.” Some students were taking notes, literally, of Moore’s words. They’re inspired to find the path that will lead them to greatness.

Local solar panel seller will eat extra cost from tariff

Modern Mill Solar has been selling and installing solar panels in Northeast Indiana for more than two years. Owners there also have a solar panel business in Southern California. Hoosiers aren’t willing to pay as much for solar energy as Californians so Modern Mill Solar is ready to eat any costs caused by the tariff.

Man spots swastika carved in snow near his home

A Facebook post is getting a lot of attention. It’s a picture of a swastika carved in the snow in northern Allen County. A homeowner in the Timberon neighborhood, near Carroll High School, posted the picture.