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Mermaid Festival elephant causing outrage

About 15 protesters have stood outside the Mermaid Festival each night to let the public know that Nosey the elephant is an exotic animal being abused and exploited. The owner says Nosey is healthy and happy.

Hearing impaired man’s service dog dies in flood

Last Wednesday, Christian Copper’s service dog was in her kennel in the basement. Copper rushed home to save him once he realized how intense the rain was getting, but he couldn’t get down there because the water had flooded all the way to the top of the stairs.

WWI Vet gets grave marker 3 decades later

Harold Schwarz (1896-1984) was one of the few army soldiers from Allen County to go to Europe during the first World War. He was given a grave marker of military service on Saturday at Greenlawn Memorial Park.

Decatur youth ministry experiments with film to inspire hope in God

Gaffer Media is a youth film production ministry of Common Ground Church in Decatur, Indiana. The students teamed up with professional film makers to create a full-feature film to help students understand their story in Christ and communicate that story through the arts.