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Business owners react to problem property ordinance


A strip club owner and motel representative talked with NewsChannel 15 after the ordinance was laid out. If passed, the ordinance would allow fines against businesses cited 12 times in 90 days.

Science Sunday: Arachnids

The newest traveling exhibit at Science Central focuses on the art and science of spiders. It is open until January 7, 2018. 

100-year-old law could slow flow of riverfront development

The St. Marys river was labeled “non-navigable” because it wasn’t used much for commerce when the designation was made. Today, the Department of Natural Resources won’t help build ramps, if a river has the “non-navigable” designation, which may require an act of congress to change.

Housing project for single-parent students to rise on SE-side

The $42 million project at the site of the former McMillan Apartments will initially include 2-and-3 bedroom energy efficient apartments, an electric car sharing program, and other amenities for single parent students attending local universities.

First News Back to School: Antwerp Local School

About 700 students started a new school year at Antwerp Local School Monday. Administrators appeared on First News to talk about upgrades, changes and things for students to look forward to.