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Students appear to threaten teachers, bishop

Bishop Luers students are facing disciplinary action after officials found a group conversation in which the students appeared to threaten to shoot teachers – and Bishop Kevin Rhoades.

Sex trafficking is still largest growing crime, but awareness efforts making new strides

15 Finds Out

Human trafficking is one of the fastest growing crime across the world, country and Indiana. But everyone from lawmakers to community members are taking notice and taking action.

Sex trafficking in Fort Wayne: Where are we now?


As 15 Finds Out’s investigative series Hidden Predators exposed last year, sex trafficking is happening right here in northeast Indiana. But, what’s changed in the last year?

Pictures show teen bloodied, bruised after road rage incident with FWPD deputy chief


The father of the teenager who was in a road rage fight with FWPD officer Derrick Westfield in November 2017 said Westfield’s demotion from deputy chief to captain didn’t go far enough.

Airport security not as visible overnight

15 Finds Out

15 Finds Out went to the Fort Wayne airport in the middle of the night and was able to roam around for an hour, going places you aren’t allowed to go during the day, without ever seeing a security guard.

Where’s the overnight airport security?

When commercial flights stop in the middle of the night, the FWA terminal stays open. 15 Finds Out goes searching for the overnight security, Wednesday at 6.