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Little change to Friday night flood threat

Rain and thunderstorms continue to be in the forecast on this Friday night. Additional flash flooding remains our highest threat. Up to 2″ of new rainfall is possible from late night into early morning.

Wednesday’s rain and flooding recap

Periods of heavy rain made their way across much of the region on Wednesday night bringing the highest flood concerns from Fort Wayne southward through Decatur and Berne and eastward toward Van Wert, Ohio.

New summer faces in the Live Doppler 15 Fury Weather Center

The summer season is soon to be upon us and that means our Live Doppler 15 Fury Weather Center will have some new faces in it! This is because we are welcoming two summer interns, Erika Goshorn and Lauren Elston. They’ll learn more about the meteorological field and how we prepare and deliver our forecasts on TV, the Internet, and through our WANE Weather App. Erika just started her summer adventure with us today. Here’s her introduction.

Saturday severe storms possible

The threat for some strong and severe storms is in our forecast picture for Saturday. While some scattered rain is possible in the morning and early afternoon, the strongest storms wouldn’t arrive until late in the day with severe weather remaining possible into late night.

Warm April locally and globally

April 2017 was Fort Wayne’s 5th warmest. With global stats just released, we now know that it ranked as the 2nd warmest on record for the planet as a whole.

90s Night weather

The second night of the Fort Wayne Music Festival brings acts like Aaron Carter and Nappy Roots to northeast Indiana.

Flooding concerns decreasing

Flood waters continue to recede. Only 1 river, the St. Marys at Decatur, remains at moderate flood stage with a height of 19.8′. Flood stage is 17.0′.

Thursday rain totals

As we wrap up this Thursday, here’s a look at the most recent rainfall totals that have come in for the date.

More heavy rain coming

While Wednesday offers a break from rain chances, we won’t be so lucky on Thursday.

How NASA views and studies our planet

This post includes a video depiction of the different satellites circling the Earth and an explanation of just what the satellites are studying on the planet.