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Monday night rain update

We’ve picked up more than 1.2″ of rain in Fort Wayne through 9 pm.  1.85″ is the rainfall record for the day set back in 1939. There’s more rain to come on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Weather the Fort forecast

“Weather the Fort” is back for 2018 and WANE-TV is a proud sponsor.  Our very own Rob Lydick will be the event emcee of this single-day festival that starts at 4 pm and runs through 10 pm at Freimann Square this Saturday (Feb. 17).

The reason behind the fog

The type of fog we’re experiencing as Wednesday ends and Thursday begins is called advection fog.

It occurs when winds cause warmer air to … More »

Astronauts online

If you’re curious about life as an astronaut and preparing for a mission on the International Space Station, here’s how you can hear from the upcoming ISS crew.

PyeongChang climate extremes

If you’ve watched any coverage of the Olympic Games in South Korea, you may have already noticed that some of the outdoor events have been postponed due to high winds.  You may have also heard some of the analysts say this could be one of, if not the coldest winter games on record.  

Snow ahead for Wednesday

The heaviest snow from our next round is likely to fall in the area from the north side of Fort Wayne to the IN/MI state line. 2″-3″ are expected.

More snow coming our way

The new week gets started with two rounds of snow lining up to affect northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio.

January goes down as warmer than average

The above average warmth experienced on January 31 was enough to boost our daily avg. temperature to above average levels for the month as a whole.

February stats

2018 is rolling into its second month. Here’s a review of Fort Wayne’s February weather stats.

Tuesday’s snow enhanced by local industrial activity

Westerly winds Tuesday helped generate lake effect snow showers which, in and of themselves, isn’t really a big deal.  This happens frequently during any given winter season across northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio. However, in this instance, conditions were just right in the atmosphere where the moisture being emitted from area factories/industrial sites cooled and condensed into clouds and snow crystals. 

Spacewalk postponed

You may remember in a previous blog post about the International Space Station, I passed along the info that there was going to be another spacewalk taking place today. However, word came from NASA on Sunday that the spacewalk had been postponed.

Some warm January days

We’ve done a lot of looking back at the blizzard of ’78 here on and over on NewsChannel 15 today. One weather fact you might not remember from that storm is that the day the snow started falling, the high temp reached 34°.  Following the snow, came much colder air and, within 2 days, the high temp was only 10°.

Lowest temps of recent years rising higher

As the world warms, the intensity and frequency of extreme cold are both decreasing, as the lowest temperature observed each year is trending upward in most U.S. cities.

ISS spacewalk a success

The day’s spacewalk was the 206th to take care of assembly and maintenance issues and NASA reports that 53 days, 13 hours and 49 minutes have been spent outside of the space station by space-walkers over the years.