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Addison Agen talks about life after The Voice

Addison Agen has written six songs for her upcoming album. She is currently working with local producers and musicians to get it ready for a spring-time release.

After 95 years, there is only one thing he would change

Bob Heiny recounts his remarkable life that included two high school basketball national championships, fighting in WWII, and raising a family in Fort Wayne. If there were such a thing as a Hall of Fame of Life, Bob Heiny would be inducted on the first ballot.

How to throw the perfect first pitch

Newschannel 15’s Brett Thomas takes lessons from pitcher Will Headean on how to throw a strike when throwing out the first pitch in a Fort Wayne Tincaps game.


Verizon tweaks prices, cuts video quality on unlimited plans

All major carriers now offer unlimited plans after years of steering people toward paying extra for using more data. Verizon, like its rivals, will start charging more for higher-quality video while hoping to attract cost-conscious customers with a cheaper plan.