Doppler 15 Fury Forecast

A humid day with showers and storms likely. Relief will come quickly over the next 24-hours.

Tip leads to Plymouth parking lot pot bust

Three people were arrested and nearly 20 pounds of pot, eight pounds of pot butter and pot-laced cookies were confiscated on Monday following the tip from police in Illinois.

Governors urge bipartisan work on healthcare

In a letter late Wednesday, the governors urged the leaders, particularly top Republican Mitch McConnell, to set aside “this flawed bill” and work with them on making health care more available and affordable for every American.

Gore slams trump’s military transgender ban

Gore said he didn’t think that Trump consulted with military leaders before making his announcement on Twitter. He says he thinks Trump is big on distractions and that is leading to the president not getting any important work done.

San Francisco protests Trump’s transgender ban

A transgender woman who identified herself only as Layla addressed the crowd Wednesday night and said she’s tired of being told who she can or cannot be, and asked for others in the LGBTQ community to support trans people as they fight for respect.