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New recruits prepare for FWPD academy

28 recruits will start the 21-week program Monday morning. The goal of the class is to get the force up to 460 officers… the number budgeted by the city.

Indiana Statehouse, Indianapolis (File Photo)

Lawmakers seek to reform property seizure law

The proposed reforms range from allowing the seizure of property only after a person is convicted of a crime, to restricting the way proceeds from civil forfeitures are used.

PHoto of Jack Sandlin provided by Indiana Senate Republicans)

Indiana lawmaker apologizes for “fat women” meme

State senator Jack Sandlin is apologizing for an “offensive” message about women who attended the Women’s March on Washington, but says he doesn’t know how it was posted to his Facebook account.

A photo of Love, the eight-month-old Pitt Bull mix, provided the Allen County SPCA.

Abused pit bull puppy gets a second chance

Love, an eight-month-old pit bull mix, was by rescued Animal Care and Control with a muzzle taping his mouth shut, which caused extreme swelling. The Allen County SPCA is now committed to finding him a home.

In this Dec. 14, 2016, photo old mining headframes dominate the skyline of Butte, Mont. Residents of the Montana mining city of Butte say the deaths of more than 3,000 snow geese should be a wake-up call for the future of a former open pit mine that is filled with 50 billion gallons of acidic, metal-laden water. (AP Photo/Matt Volz)

Brimming toxic pit nears critical level after bird deaths

It was an unusual and unfortunate confluence of events: A larger-than-normal number of geese was making a later-than-normal migration over Montana when a snowstorm blew in at the wrong time and sent them soaring to the wrong place.

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Komets slayed by Beasts

The Komets gave up a goal with less than two minutes in regulation in a 4-3 loss to the Brampton Beast.