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Dry stretch ahead

Gradually warming into the 80s by the weekend.

Parabon's Snapshot has created a composite of what April Tinsley's killer could look like today by using forensic DNA.

DNA service releases new composite in Tinsley cold case

A new composite, created by forensic DNA analysis, is out to help find who killed April Tinsley in April of 1988. The traits of the suspect will eliminate some of the suspects police have gathered from the years.

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Husband, wife charged with child molesting

The Churubusco couple is accused of having videos of them taking part in sex acts with a girl. Evidence was found in their home after police obtained a search warrant.


Wild on WANE: Tortoises

The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo believe every animal deserves a little TLC, even if they weigh 600 pounds! Rob Lydick explores the tortoises in this week’s Wild on WANE.