New recruits prepare for FWPD academy

28 recruits will start the 21-week program Monday morning. The goal of the class is to get the force up to 460 officers… the number budgeted by the city.

A photo of Love, the eight-month-old Pitt Bull mix, provided the Allen County SPCA.

Abused pit bull puppy gets a second chance

Love, an eight-month-old pit bull mix, was by rescued Animal Care and Control with a muzzle taping his mouth shut, which caused extreme swelling. The Allen County SPCA is now committed to finding him a home.


Science Sunday: Sound

Science Central’s Martin Fisher brought in tunic forks, balloons, popsicle sticks and rubber bands to demonstrate sound.


Man arrested in Fort Wayne for accepting cocaine delivery

After a traffic stop conducted in Texas found 70 kilograms of cocaine, the driver of the vehicle worked with police to conduct a controlled delivery of a portion of the drugs to a man in Fort Wayne who was then arrested by Homeland Security agents.

Barricaded Subject Jan. 20 Auburn Dr.

5-hour standoff ends with fugitive in custody

Auburn Police successfully escorted a barricaded man and known fugitive out of the home five hours after they initially arrived. Auburn Police Chief Martin McCoy said that the man, wanted for a home invasion in DeKalb County, was initially making threats he would not be taken out alive.