Raisman embraces role as ‘Fierce’ advocate for abuse victims

The people come forward to Aly Raisman almost daily now. Random strangers. Men and women of various ages, races and backgrounds. They see the six-time Olympic medal-winning gymnast out in public and approach with a hug to give and a story to tell.

Hoosiers weigh options after CBD Oil law clarified

A North Manchester grandpa with ALS is one of many who used CBD oil to control pain. The oil is illegal in Indiana. Hoosiers like him are looking at enduring pain or taking prescription medication.

Report: companies claim Irma fundraising was a scam

A man claimed to be a member of a wealthy Puerto Rican family that owns a rum distillery rented warehouses for hurricane Irma donations and chartered five airplanes to take them to the island.

Doppler 15 Fury Forecast

Mother Nature is cooking up some sunshine with clouds decreasing throughout the area.


Retailers look to woo shoppers from rivals as Amazon grows

Toys and TVs at J.C. Penney, Barbies at Best Buy, kitchen appliances like wine refrigerators at B.J.’s. As the holiday shopping season officially kicks off Thursday, shoppers may find some surprises at their favorite stores.