2/20 Prep Basketball Recap

Homestead topped DeKalb, Wayne bested Canterbury, and New Haven outlasted Leo in overtime to headline area prep hoops on Tuesday night.

TOTW: Carroll Boys Basketball

Underrated and overlooked all year long, Carroll beat Homestead on Friday to clinch the conference title, 55-45. We are proud to honor the Chargers as the Optimum Performance Sports ‘Team of the Week.’

How to make the most of tax reform

Greg Reynolds of Reynolds Wealth Management sat down with NewsChannel 15 to talk about the change in your paycheck you’ll notice right away.

Supreme Court asked to review ‘Making a Murderer’ confession

Brendan Dassey’s lawyers claim investigators took advantage of his youth and intellectual and social disabilities to coerce him into falsely confessing that he helped his uncle, Steven Avery, rape and kill photographer Teresa Halbach in 2005 in the Avery family’s junk yard in Manitowoc County.

Museum proposed for Fort Wayne’s Smith Field

The U.S. doesn’t have a national museum dedicated to airmail. The U.S. Postal Service started airmail delivery in 1911. Commercial airmail service came to Smith Field in 1930.