Putt-Putt hosts national tournament

The Professional Putters Association held its 2017 Tournament Players Championship and National Championship at the Putt-Putt Fun Center at 4530 Speedway Drive.

Business owners react to problem property ordinance


A strip club owner and motel representative talked with NewsChannel 15 after the ordinance was laid out. If passed, the ordinance would allow fines against businesses cited 12 times in 90 days.

Consumer packaging group to reduce confusing food labels

Food date labels are intended to help shoppers figure out what to throw away, but they’re also mixed up with deadlines for retailers as well. That causes confusion among shoppers who can’t figure out what they all mean.

Gatorade pays California $300K, settles anti-water complaint

Just because drought-ravaged California has spent years urging residents to conserve water doesn’t mean it wants people to actually stop drinking the stuff.
When a Gatorade cellphone game suggested doing just that state Attorney General Xavier Becerra filed a complaint accusing the popular thirst-quenching drink’s maker of false advertising.