Sheriff seeks to fire veteran deputy

John Gerardot

ALLEN COUNTY, Ind. (WANE) The Allen County sheriff has petitioned for the firing of one of his veteran deputies.

Sheriff David Gladieux has asked the sheriff’s department’s Merit Board to fire 28-year veteran Deputy Johnny Gerardot amid allegations that he harassed an ex-girlfriend of one of his family members. The alleged harassment is the latest in a “history of disciplinary action,” the sheriff wrote in his petition for the firing.

According to Gladieux’s petition, the woman said Gerardot’s family members threatened legal action against her in February 2017 and Gerardot tried to intimidate her by visiting her while she was at work. The petition said the woman was employed at both the Allen County Court Library and a Chick-fil-A eatery.

On two occasions in March, the woman’s mother contacted Gerardot about the harassment, the petition said.

During an administrative investigation by the sheriff’s department’s Internal Affairs office, Gerardot reportedly denied speaking to the woman, and later said he did not remember talking to her, the petition said. His telephone records gathered by that office “directly conflict” with those claims, though, the petition said.

On Dec. 28, Gladieux cited Gerardot for Unbecoming Conduct and Insubordination. He has been suspended with pay until the Merit Board hears his case. It’s not known when that will be.

Gerardot has been repeatedly disciplined by the sheriff’s department, records show.

In July 2001, he received a written discipline by then-Sheriff James Herman for Incompetence and insubordination for his conduct on a child molestation case and for failing to respond to calls while serving as an on-call detective.

In August 2009, Gerardot received another written discipline by then-Sheriff Ken Fries for Incompetence, Unbecoming Conduct, Conformance to Laws, Operation of Department Vehicle and Poor Performance, Negligence, or Carelessness of Assigned Duties. The petition said Gerardot improperly served court papers, falsified court papers and “grossly” exceeded the speed limit in his squad car.

Finally, in October 2014, Gerardot again received a written discipline by Fries for Operation of Department Vehicle after he was involved in a traffic crash.

Gerardot was hired as a confinement officer in May 1989 and joined the sheriff’s department communications division in August 1993. He’s served in the warrants division since 2009.