Kendallville manufacturer adds new line, stops outsourcing from Mexico

Flint & Walling has moved into the former Superior Essex facility at 800 West Mitchell St. in Kendallville.

KENDALLVILLE, Ind. (WANE) A Kendallville submersible well motor manufacturer has invested $5 million in a new plant that includes the addition of a new production line that will allow it to stop outsourcing from Mexico.

Flint & Walling, a residential water well manufacturer that has been in operation in Kendallville for more than 150 years, has purchased and refurbished the former Superior Essex facility at 800 West Mitchell St. where it will self-manufacture motors that will be assembled into sump pumps. Flint & Walling currently sources those motors from a supplier in Mexico.

“Because of our ‘Made in the USA’ success, our parent company Zoeller Company of Louisville has made the decision that they will re-shore their high volume and industry leading sump pump motors from Mexico to Kendallville, Indiana,” said Flint & Walling President Eric Rimmel. “We are investing in a new plant, equipment, and bringing new jobs to our city.”

The investment will push Flint & Walling’s Kendallville workforce from 175 to 215 employees when the motor projects are implemented, Rimmel said. The new workers will earn $18-$24 per hour.

Flint & Walling is the only manufacturer of 4-inch submersible well motors in the nation. Rimmel said his company is committed to growing its business in northeast Indiana. He added that Zoeller and Flint & Walling have a long history of manufacturing their products within their own facilities.

Such an investment is proof.

“Self-manufacturing allows our company to control our own destiny, manage our quality process, and further invest in our employees,” said Rimmel.

Flint & Walling will hold an open house Tuesday for employees and families to tour the new plant.