ISP: Autopsy fails to yield clues regarding skeletal remains found in Auburn

A wooded area in Auburn where human remains were found is shown.

AUBURN, Ind. (WANE) – An autopsy conducted on human skeletal remains found Saturday in Auburn failed to provide any news clues that would help investigators determine the identity according to Indiana State Police.

The remains were found by a person walking in a wooded area west of C&A Tool Engineering, near South Grandstaff and West 15th between 1:30 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. Saturday.

Because of the level of decomposition, it was not possible for police to identify the remains so an autopsy was scheduled for Monday Now that the autopsy failed to provide any new clues, the remains will be sent to a forensic anthropologist in Indianapolis next week for further examination.

State police said there were no physical signs of foul play.

Sergeant Ron Galaviz with Indiana State Police said foul play wasn’t initially suspected but it wasn’t ruled out. “There wasn’t anything that was telltale. There were no outward signs of foul play. That’s not to say there wasn’t, that just says immediately at the scene then there was nothing to indicate that.”

He said it was probably a shock for the person who discovered the remains. “It’s nothing, you know, fortunately people stumble upon every day. I haven’t talked to the person but I can imagine the level of shock when you find something like that, kind of almost in disbelief.”

He also said cases like this are challenging. “It’s definitely going to challenge the skills and also the technology not only for us but also the coroner’s office and also for the morgue who’s conducting the autopsy.”

People at nearby businesses said they were shocked and kind of scared to hear about this. The property manager at Valley Creek, the apartment complex in front of the woods, said a woman who lived there contacted her with similar concerns. She however said she wasn’t worried and is confident in the security checks on the property.

Galaviz said they person who found the remains handled it correctly. “He didn’t touch anything and immediately called 911 and made his discovery known.”

After our five o’clock newscast, NewsChannel 15 heard from the man who found the remains. He said he is an avid hunter and was in those woods looking for shed antlers from deer. He described it as a surreal moment. He also said he doesn’t want attention but was just hopeful the person can make it back to loved ones for closure.

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