Hundreds of new homes planned for Huntertown

HUNTERTOWN, Ind. (WANE) – A local developer wants to build more than 600 homes in Huntertown over the next few years. The developments would cover up to one-square mile which is bound by Lima, Hathaway, Dunton and Gump roads. It will feature 677 single family homes, 120 duplexes along with commercial space and a convenience store.

North Eastern Group Realty will ask the Allen County Plan Commission to consider the project next month. If approved, construction could start in the spring.

There has been continued growth in Northwest Allen County for quite some time. This new development will provide additional housing that is necessary to keep up with that growth while also attracting people to the area. Although some people may have reservations about the changes most people are excited about the growth.

“There’s probably some folks… change is scary for them,” said Chanie Organ, who has lived in Huntertown for 10 years. “They might not be as in favor of it. But I think that’s short-sighted. I think that it will provide a bigger tax base for the area, it will help the school system, and I think it will help the local businesses and the larger ones as well.”

Ken Cooper, the Distribution Center Manager at Ameri-Turf, said the new development could mean big business for their company. The business is located on Hathaway and sits directly across the street from the potential site.

“Our bread and butter here is selling sod, seed, and fertilizer product to the general public, so all of these new homes will certainly be a blessing to all of our business here,” he said.

The developers believe the area is growing because of it’s proximity to Parkview Regional and the reputation of Northwest Allen County Schools. Northwest Allen County Schools expects 300-500 more young students in the next 4-6 years. The district is preparing to build a new elementary school, as a result.

A spokesperson released the following statement:

We are blessed that the community believes in the quality education provided by Northwest Allen County Schools, and we feel privileged to meet the needs of the children living in the district. At this point, we will continue with the existing plans for a new elementary school. Whenever we learn about new developments we update our demographic studies. We use the demographic studies to form long-range plans in efforts to minimize the financial impact on our community.
We appreciate the ongoing support by the community. We believe in providing a healthy and safe learning environment that engages, supports, and challenges each learner in a culture of achievement and excellence.