City unveils video aimed at reducing gun violence

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) -The city of Fort Wayne is continuing its efforts to raise awareness about the number of homicides and put an end to the violence.

Mayor Tom Henry and Fort Wayne UNITED unveiled a new outreach video that will be shared with organizations locally and across the country. The hope is that people will be motivated to take action.

“It’s going to take volunteers,” said Mayor Tom Henry. “It’s going to take our community to step up and say yes count us in.”

The video takes a serious look at Fort Wayne’s homicide issue and the need for collaboration from everyone in the community to prevent future homicides.

Iric Headley oversees Fort Wayne UNITED. It is an initiative started by the mayor to bring about positive change in the lives of black men and boys.

“We want to stir some hearts,” he said. “Really ask yourself, do you really want to live in a city where people are dying and we just don’t care?”

Statistically, homicides are the leading cause of death in black males ages 10 to 24. Headley wants people to realize it’s not an “us” or “them” problem. It impacts the entire community.

People are encouraged to share stories on social media using #couldabeenme about positive steps they are taking or that are being taken to reduce violence and other negative outcomes.

“Sometimes you can be that guidance for that child that it could have been,” said Anthony Moore of Fort Wayne UNITED. “But you were in their life, so you gave them a new experience so it’s not them.”

Fort Wayne UNITED will host a community forum in the near future to educate the community on ways to get involved. The specific date, time and location will be announced soon.

Last week, a first of its kind My Brother’s Keeper Sunday was held at 14 churches across Fort Wayne.