Confusion about CBD oil legalities continues, frustrations rise

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Finding relief in CBD oil is something a lot of people swear by, but the legalities around the oil have many people confused and frustrated.

Tuesday the Indiana House voted unanimously to legalize the product. A similar measure is also in the Senate. This past Friday, Governor Eric Holcomb extended the period for CBD oil products to be sold in Indiana.

But those who rely on it for pain relief are fed up with constant changes this past year.

For people like Deb, who has Fibromyalgia and a bad hip, CBD oil provides uncanny relief. “It was amazing. I was able to get most of my life back.”

Yet, she remains on a roller coaster of legalities. In November, Attorney General Curtis Hill said the oil was illegal except for people with treatment-resistant epilepsy. But then it came back to the shelves. Then Friday, Governor Holcomb extended the state excise police education period for CBD oil products, which kept it on the shelves.

It’s a lot to keep up with. “I just want Indiana to realize that there is nothing bad about CBD oil,” Deb said.

Yet she didn’t want to show her face during our interview because she said there’s still a stigma. Those against the oil say some of their reasoning is because of THC. “There is no THC in it. You do not get any psychoactive side effects what-so-ever.”

Another woman NewsChannel 15 talked to, who didn’t want to show her face either, agreed. “If it can help people then it would be a good thing to have. I’m just a big proponent of I don’t like seeing people suffer,” she said.

Deb said the only other option for her is narcotics, but she’s not a fan of the way pills like Vicodin make her feel. “I do not like any of that stuff. It throws me back. I cannot concentrate. I’m sick to my stomach. If I were to take Vicodin, I might as well stay in bed for two days.”

So in the meantime she’s in limbo but hasn’t lost all hope. “I will continue to advocate for it because I do truly believe in it.”