Super Blue Blood Moon Preview

Make sure to look to the sky Wednesday morning to catch a celestial spectacle that hasn’t been visible in the Americas in over 150 years.

Events will perfectly align to give a Super Blue Blood Moon. This is a combination of three celestial phenomenon, a supermoon, a blue moon, and a lunar eclipse. Let’s break down these three events.

First the super moon, we have seen plenty of these it is when the full moon passes closets to earth in its orbit. When it does this it appears 14% Bigger and 30% brighter.

Now for the Blue Moon. Everyone has heard of the phrase, “once in a blue moon”. It refers to the second full moon in the month. It typically happens once every two and a half years. This month we are book ended by full moons, we started 2018 with one and we end the month with another.

These two events will coincide with the final part, a lunar eclipse. This is when the earth’s shadow falls on the moon. The rays of sun bending through our atmosphere give the moon a reddish tint, hence, a blood moon.

Here in Fort Wayne it will be tricky to enjoy this celestial event, as it will happen as the moon is setting early Wednesday morning. The Partial Eclipse begins at 6:48 a.m., this is when you will start to notice that reddish hue. Our maximum eclipse will happen about an hour later at 7:48 a.m. With it happening as the moon sets, you will want to get to a elevated location and look WNW at the horizon. You may also have to battle some clouds.

You will have to wait until January of next year to see another lunar eclipse. While it won’t be a Super Blue Blood Moon, you will still see a total lunar eclipse and the blood moon that comes with it.