40 years later: Remembering historic 1978 blizzard

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana residents are reflecting on the 40th anniversary of a blizzard that paralyzed much of the state for days by dumping a foot or more of snow that howling winds whipped into road-blocking drifts.

Indianapolis forecasters issued their first Blizzard Warning for the entire state on Jan. 25, 1978. The storm killed 70 people and created 20-foot snow drifts in 50+ mph winds. Temperatures also plummeted from 34 degrees to zero overnight.

Pendleton resident Kenneth Saunders says he was riding on a snowmobile through wind-driven snows to get groceries to sustain his family during the storm. He says people who complain about Indiana winters and didn’t live through the rare blizzard have no idea how bad it can get.

The National Weather Service advises that residents keep prepared kits for harsh storms in their homes and cars.


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