Cameras catch break-in, one of several recent incidents

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Several car break-ins have been reported to police since the start of the week.

A few of the victims shared their stories with NewsChannel 15, one shared advice.

“It looked like one was kind of guarding, walking on the sidewalk with a firearm, while the other guy got in my vehicles. It looked like he had a gun as well,” Joseph Hettinger said while watching security camera footage.

Thieves rifled through a pickup truck on Sinclair Street early Monday while someone sat inside the home just feet away.

“We came out, noticed the car was tossed,” Hettinger added. “Everything was laying everywhere. Looked at the cameras and sure enough, got them on camera.”

Several cameras around the house captured the moment, put up after a motorcycle was stolen there. The father worried about the situation.

“They had guns out here,” Hettinger said. “I have kids. There’s a bunch of kids in the neighborhood. It’s just a bad situation.”

Across town, in the North Anthony Area several cars were broken into or vandalized in the past couple of days.

“My glovebox was open, there were papers in the seat, my center console had been flipped down,” Krista Kline explained.

Her story is similar to many on the neighborhood’s facebook page. The association president there told NewsChannel 15 that some are talking about starting a watch group.

Residents considering ways to protect themselves.

“Other than to catch whoever, I think a camera is my best option,” Kline added.

Back on Sinclair Street… Hettinger shares words of advice.

“Just don’t engage them,” he said. “They’ve got firearms. Stay in your house, let it happen and deal with it later. Don’t put valuables in your car.”

Police agree with the advice. Their tips include making sure your car is cleaned out. Don’t leave change, sunglasses or garage openers in side.