Local artist living in a store front window for art

On a typical day, the aisles of Fort Wayne’s, Hyde Brothers Books are home to shelves filled with literature and some cats. This week however, it is home to Chad Sorg, who is a local artist living in the store front window. He is practicing the art of fishbowling. He first started about 12 years ago, and has done it once a year since then.

“Once and a while it’s just a question like, what’s the point of this? They just maybe don’t get it at all, like what’s the point. I have to tell them, just tune in, you have to tune in. It’s more real than a reality show.” Sorg said in response to how people initially react to seeing him in the store window. He does it to make sure his work is unique.

“We all just want to stand out as artists, so instead of just hanging a bunch of paintings, I decided that I would be there creating artwork. I put Plexiglas windows up. So the visitors could not come into the room, they could just see me like an artist zoo. ”

While sitting on display he is working on a large canvas, on a piece he calls, “Blue Bus”. During his painting he frequently streams live on Facebook for his followers to see and ask questions about his experience living in the store. When he is not painting he still spends his time being creative.

“On my downtime when I’m here, the times that I just want to chill out when I’m not talking to anybody. I’ll read, and I’ll write. I’m working on a book on this experience called, Fishbowler.”

Being isolated for long periods does make him feel lonely at times, but also says that it’s part of the message.

“It would be the solitude of being an artist. Which is ironic, because the flip side, is that it’s not solitude at all, it’s about getting exposure. You want the public to know what your’re up to.”

Sorg will be in the Hyde Brothers Books window until 5 p-m on Friday, January 26th.
He welcomes visitors to stop by and talk about art, and you can follow his live streams on his Facebook page, here