Virtual Reality Arcade adding to Fort Wayne gaming revolution

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A revolution in gaming started in the Summit City continued into the new year.

New arcades offer options to gamers in place of in-home video games.

A virtual reality arcade opened around the same time as a pinball arcade late 2017. A so-called “beercade” was also in the works in early 2018.

“We said ‘how can we make this more accessible for the public so everybody can enjoy this?’ And I think we’ve done that successfully,”Brandon Barker, co-owner and founder of Spectrum Virtual Reality Arcade told NewsChannel 15.

The arcade has been open since December in Covington Plaza, near Covington and Getz Roads. It connects gamers with technology in use more and more in daily life.

A gamer gears up for a game at Spectrum Virtual Reality Arcade,

Goggles and handheld controls put the gamer in another world.

“If you want to feel like you are an action hero in your favorite action movie, that’s what we’re all about,” Barker explained. “It’s putting you in the front seat of the experience.”

That experience is set in padded, open rooms where multiple people can link up to play a variety of games ranging from fun, family friendly games, good for birthday parties to more violent, survival style games meant for older players.

“It’s not really like a coin arcade where you sit with a single machine and it’s just enjoyment for yourself, you have a whole group of people who can share in the laughs,”Barker said.

The arcade charges by time, instead of games played, $30 for an hour, $50 for 2 hours. The owners acknowledge some might be worried about safety, saying the games warn you if you are in danger of running into anything. The business does have a waiver.

The games get you moving, but in a situation less dangerous than contact sports.

“It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced,” Barker added. “There’s a huge variety of things you can do. Our slogan is ‘virtually anything is possible’ and we stand by that.”

Also offering a game option in the Fort Wayne area is Fort Wayne Pinball, open on Lima Road in Huntertown.

The owners of Double Dragons Arcade told NewsChannel 15 they have been working on a storefront in the shopping center near Clinton St. and Parnell Ave., pending approval to sell alcohol on site. No word on an opening date.