Chinese automaker GAC on track to enter US late in 2019

GAC Motor will introduce its GS8 SUV in the United States in 2019. (GAC)

DETROIT (AP) — Chinese automaker GAC Motor says it’s on track to enter the U.S. market in the fourth quarter of next year.

A spokeswoman says GAC’s first vehicle in the U.S. will be the GS8, a high-end SUV. It showed video of seven different models during a packed press conference Monday at the Detroit auto show.

Company officials also introduced two models that likely will come to the U.S.

GAC showed off a gull-wing compact electric SUV called the Enverge, which is still in the concept phase. The automaker says it will go over 370 miles on a single charge. Also unveiled was the GA4 midsize sedan that will go on sale in China later this month.

GAC sold just over 500,000 automobiles in China last year, up 37 percent from 2016.

The company says it is negotiating with partner Fiat Chrysler about possible distribution of vehicles.

It already has a research center in Silicon Valley and is working on another one in Detroit, as well as a Los Angeles design center.

GAC, which stands for Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., also plans to enter other global markets after the U.S., including Europe.


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