Plows respond to winter mix, FWCS closes

City of Fort Wayne plow truck.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) Street Department plows spent a large part of Friday dropping salt on slick spots around the Summit City.

“Things have been going really well, traffic seems to be moving safely and everybody seems to be getting to go where they need to be in a safe manner,” Street Commissioner Brian Shimkus said around noon.

The view from the cab of a City of Fort Wayne plow truck in Waynedale.

The snow came to a stop in the early afternoon hours but the city crews kept going. The combination of snow, ice rain and temperatures bouncing around freezing had drivers checking and double checking streets around the city. The focus today was more on dropping salt, than plowing because of most snow melted quickly.

45 trucks got to work early in the morning, getting a jump-start on those getting up and heading to work. By the time the sun was up, 50 trucks were following 18 routes around town.

“I think we’ll get this wrapped up today and go into the weekend looking good,” Shimkus added.

Speaking of the weekend, students at Fort Wayne Community Schools got a long one. Closed for MLK Day Monday and Friday for weather. Friday’s shut down was the first in nearly three years.

Snow falls outside of Wayne High School Friday.

“Even though last year and the year before, it was very mild, we didn’t have a need to close,” FWCS Spokesperson Krista Stockman told NewsChanel 15. “When the conditions turned worse this morning we knew that was the best option.”

That decision made around 7:00 a.m., as rain started to turn to ice. Several factors played into the decision like forecasts, reports from the roads and conversations with other school systems.

“So we decided we were going to close today,” Stockman added. “We aren’t interested in keeping up a streak for the sake of keeping up a streak.”

The missed day will be made up Friday, March 16, a pre-scheduled snow make up day.