When you need them most, cold weather can take its toll on furnaces

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – The frigid temps are taking a toll on furnaces as they run on full blast. Technicians are on the run too– answering call after call.

“They’re very happy to have the heat back on,” Korte Service Technician David Bajic said. “Very appreciative. I had one customer who gave me hot chocolate.”

By Tuesday afternoon, a day where the high temperature barely made it above zero, Bajic was already on his seventh call of a broken furnace. One home on the southwest side of Fort Wayne had been without heat for at least three days.

“We started using the fireplace,” Homeowner Claire Ewart said. “My husband went out and fortunately found some very inexpensive space heaters. We had the oven open.”

Ewart’s furnace had some bad parts. New ones had to be ordered, and they took a couple days to arrive. Within an hour Bajic had the heat on.

“I had to change a few parts, but after that the furnace is working really well now,” Bajic said.

Bajic said in temperatures like these, furnaces are running all the time so a small problem can turn into a big one. He recommends getting your furnace serviced once a year, and regularly change your filter.

Plumbers are also busy thawing out frozen pipes. That’s something Ewart had on her mind in a frigid house.

“We turned all the faucets on so they would drip a little bit,” Ewart said. “Even with all the different measures we took last night my husband left a drink on his table in the living room and it froze.”

Letting a little water come out of your faucets is the best way to prevent frozen pipes. Ewart was able to avoid that problem while her furnace was down.