Sheriff: Son went ‘over the edge’ before killing parents, committing suicide on Christmas

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NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (WISH) — Hamilton County authorities said a double murder and suicide on Christmas Day came after a man went into a fit of rage for an unknown reason at his parents’ home where he and his 8-year-old twin children were staying.

Hamilton County Sheriff Mark Bowen said in a Wednesday afternoon news conference that 48-year-old Todd Moon had been through a divorce and was living with his parents, 84-year-old Donald Moon Sr. and 81-year-old Joyce Moon, in a three-bedroom ranch home in the 11200 block of 191st Street. The shooting was reported around 4:30 p.m. Monday.

The sheriff said that “I’m afraid we may never truly know what set this gentleman off and caused him to do such a horrific thing.”

Todd’s sister was called to the home before the shootings occurred. Todd had asked his sister to take his children, a boy and a girl, from the home, the sheriff said. Todd had custody of his children from a divorce, which court records show occurred in 2007.

As Todd and his sister talked in the home’s kitchen, their mother emerged from a bedroom. Todd pulled out a handgun and began firing at his mother, Bowen said. Then, he went into a back room at began firing at his father.

Both parents died of multiple gunshot wounds, said Hamilton County Coroner John Chalfin.

Todd’s sister, who was not identified in the news conference, saw the shooting of her mother, the sheriff said, but not the shooting of her father.

The children were in another room and did not see the shooting of the parents, but likely heard them. Todd’s ex-wife lives near Baltimore, and the children are staying with Todd’s sister and receiving counseling. The Indiana Department of Child Services is involved with the family, including Todd’s ex-wife, in trying to determine where the children will stay in the future.

After the parents were shot, Todd’s sister left the home with Todd’s children. As she left, she heard another gunshot, presumably Todd’s suicide.

The coroner said Todd died of a single gunshot wound.

Todd’s sister tried to call 911 as she left the home with the children, but stress and nerves made it difficult, the sheriff said, so she drove to a Noblesville Fire Department station near 191st Street and State Road 37, about a mile away.

Todd’s sister said she did not know what had caused her brother to go into a rage.

The sheriff said, “There has been no history of any violence or disturbances at the residence. We had no information to indicate that Todd had any criminal history or history of mental illness, so, this really comes as a surprise to many people. … Nothing really to indicate that there were any issues going on here. Certainly that’s something that we were really trying to nail down and identify just exactly what sent him over the edge and caused him to do something so horrific on Christmas holiday.”

Sheriff Bowen later added, “Obviously, the holidays are a time for family and friends to gather and good times, but, clearly, over the holidays, some folks find themselves in great stress, and so we would certainly encourage folks that are experiencing that to reach out for help. There are plenty of resources available. Again, if you’re feeling bad, you’re having issues, need help and have concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll connect you with the resources that you need to get through those difficult times.”