NACS bus drivers spread holiday cheer

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Northwest Allen County School bus drivers loaded a bus full of gifts and delivered them to three families, Friday morning.

“We thought what a wonderful way to develop a sense of community and comradery,” said Natalie Zehr, who has driven a bus for four years. “We figure there’s about 84 of us on staff here at transportation. There’s no reason we can’t help more than one family.”

Guidance counselors and the district administration worked together to select the families. Two elementary school families and one family from the transportation Center were chosen.

NACS bus drivers realized that the holidays sometimes create more burden for families and wanted to do something meaningful for families in need, according to a news release. All total, the group gave out more than 80 gifts.

“I think with one person doing one thing, you can really make an impact in the community,” said Zehr.

Prior to the loading and delivering of the gifts, the transportation employees will enjoy a holiday get-together with co-workers and district staff at the center.

Next year, the drivers plan to do it all over again.