Stay off the ice! Video warns of dangers of pond ice

INDIANAPOLIS (WANE) Thinking about ice skating or fishing on the pond in your neighborhood? Bad idea, says a new video released Friday.

Mike Pruitt, Wayne Township Fire spokesman, and Indiana State Police spokesman Sgt. John Perrine shared a video to YouTube titled “Stay Off The Ice,” which warns about the safety hazards that exist on frozen ponds in the winter. The ponds, specifically ponds in residential neighborhoods, can become a “death trap” in the winter, Pruitt warned.

“Unfortunately, here in Indiana, we have so much thawing and freezing of our ice, especially on ponds and neighborhoods, that it really becomes extremely dangerous,” said Pruitt.

The officials warned residents to stay off the ice at all times. They urged people to prohibit kids from playing on the ice of ponds, and to call for help if a dog ventures onto ice.

If there’s any question about the safety of the ice, Pruitt warned: “assume that it’s not safe.”

For ice fishing, the officials said Indiana DNR offers information on safe ice fishing conditions and locations.